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Hope Students Win National Schwab Scholarship

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On July 22, three young women from the Hope Leadership Academy visited the Charles Schwab branch next to Madison Square Park to accept a prestigious award as well as checks enormous in their physical size as well as dollar amount. Nyuma Gumaneh, Ciarra Leocadio, and Chamylah General won Schwab Money Matters scholarships after successfully completing the “Money Matters: Make It Count” curriculum at Hope, and demonstrating outstanding financial literacy skills. Schwab awarded just 15 scholarships nationally in this competitive program sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America and the Charles Schwab Foundation.

Schwab staff members presented Nyuma and Ciara each with a $2,500 check, and Chamylah with a $1,000 check. Ciarra will apply her scholarship money toward costs at Vanderbilt University, where she will enroll this fall to study biology and pre-medicine. Nyuma and Chamylah also plan on using the scholarship money toward financing their college education when they start their freshman years in the fall of 2015.

They had a chance to participate in a roundtable with the Schwab employees, and shadowed financial advisors to learn more about the banking industry and see firsthand what a typical day is like at the branch. 

Congratulations to these young women for their outstanding accomplishments, and thank you to the Charles Schwab Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of America! Click here to view pictures from the check presentation ceremony this morning.

Jana Partners' Volunteers Lend Green-Thumb to Go!Healthy Program

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JANA Partners did it again! This is the third year the firm’s employees have volunteered to work on the Go!Healthy initiative that educates kids and adolescents about wellness and nutrition.

On July 8, volunteers came out to P.S. 50 in East Harlem to give the site a much-needed facelift. Green-thumbed gardeners helped to dig up, plant, and water the flower garden, while carpenters built boxes to house vegetable garden beds in the playground. Still more JANA employees livened up both the playground and the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint.

This is the third Go!Healthy site that JANA Partners has had a hand in improving. The group still supports C.S. 61, where they built a rooftop garden in 2012, and Goodhue Center, where they planted a garden in 2013.

Thank you, JANA Partners, for all that you do for these kids.

Citi Volunteers Keeping Wagon Road in Top Shape

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On June 7, The Children’s Aid Society was thrilled to welcome nearly 60 Citi volunteers to our Wagon Road Camp in Chappaqua, NY, for Citi’s 2014 Global Community Day. Volunteers from many areas of Citi, including bankers, branch managers, and technology, rolled up their sleeves to help prepare our camp for its summer season.

After a rousing pep talk, Citi volunteers got ready to get to work! Volunteers organized into teams and chose from a variety of projects – from staining fences and decks, patching holes in the athletic field with top-of-the-line-soil, to re-sanding the camp’s horse corral and wood chipping.

The work was arduous but Citi volunteers were more than up to the task. They had over 110 tons of top soil, sand and wood chips and eight gallons of paint and stain to work with. And they did it all with sweat on their backs and smiles on their faces.

In just a matter of hours, the volunteers made a big dent in completing these large-scale projects. “You really made this all happen,” Eddie Mezger, Wagon Road’s foreman told the volunteers at the end of the day.

Citi also covered the cost of all supplies, including some high-quality products Children’s Aid would otherwise go without, noted Kat Connelly, our director of volunteer services.

Citi’s dedicated volunteers came from near and far to lend a helping hand, making the day a great success.

 “It’s really special to have people from all different parts of the company coming together for a common purpose,” said Rosemary Byrnes, senior program officer at the Citi Foundation.

“The day is important,” she continued, because “it allows us to work with a partner we have a strong relationship with and further develop our engagement with them.”  

And doing more means our high-needs kids have a place of respite. Keeping Wagon Road in top shape is challenging but crucial—hundreds of children look forward to camp each year. Support from our partners, like Citi, helps make it possible.

Thank you, Citi, and your incredible volunteers!

What is Your Child Doing This Summer?

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No doubt about it—summer is here! Just days ago, New York City schools dismissed children for the next two months. Even the best planners may still be looking to fill their kids’ calendars. For those people, we have great news: several Children’s Aid camps throughout New York City have open slots still available, including in Staten Island, East Harlem, and Washington Heights.

Most of these camps are in session for six weeks or more (but those interested should check with site coordinators or program directors for specific dates). All of them offer a wide range of activities, including field trips, art, dance, and sports and recreation. Most importantly, they offer academic enrichment activities so children don’t suffer summer learning loss.

And there’s even better news: these camps are FREE.

So don’t waste any time. Call these sites to sign children up today:

I.S. 61 – William A. Morris (for students of I.S. 61 who just finished grades 6 and 7)
445 Castleton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301
Tel. 718-727-8481
Lester Feuerstein, Site Coordinator

P.S. 8 Luis Belliard
465 West 167th Street
New York, NY 10032
Tel. 212-740-8655
Alondra Garcia, Program Director

P.S. 50 - Vito Marcantonio
433 East 100th Street
New York, NY 10029
Tel. 212-860-0299
Traciz Geraldo, Program Director

Mirabal Sisters Campus
21 Jumel Place (at 168th Street)
New York, NY 10032
Tel. 646-867-6066
Tiffani Lawson, Program Director

Celebrating Our AmeriCorps Graduates

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On Tuesday, June 24, The Children’s Aid Society celebrated the AmeriCorps members who have completed their terms at various schools throughout NY. These graduates have been essential with their work as assistant facilitators, outreach coordinators, and student success mentors helping both parents and students better navigate the school year.

After an inspirational speech by guest speaker Abe Fernandez, director of collective impact at Children’s Aid, members were invited to walk across the stage as program directors and staff applauded them for their accomplishments throughout the past year.

The graduate’s supervisors nominated members at their site who showed great initiative and embodied Children’s Aid ICREATE values. Trying to pick just one winner proved too difficult given the impressive pool of nominees. In the end, three graduates received Member of the Year Awards: Joel Marte, Nakeisha Vanterpool, and D’Arcy Hearn. Congratulations to the winners and all our nominees.

Later, host site directors received accolades for their hard work as well. AmeriCorps staff nominated those who inspired them with their commitment and dedication to the students and programs. P.S. 152’s supervisor, Merody Mejia, took home the title of AmeriCorps Supervisor of The Year. 

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a slideshow documented the year’s highlights while members and guests flocked to the AmeriCorps Photo Booth, where props made photo opps silly and fun.

Thanks to all our site supervisors, whose efforts and cooperation made the AmeriCorps program a critical success.

Finally, huge thanks go out to the AmeriCorps graduates. Their achievements and growth over the past term impressed all. In the future, they will go on to accomplish even greater things, and we hope that they will always look back fondly on the Children’s Aid AmeriCorps program.

In Memoriam - Herman Bagley

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Weeks ago, on May 16, our dear friend and colleague Herman Bagley passed away. Herman retired from Children’s Aid in 2005 after an exceptional 50-year career, during which he worked his way up from a counselor at Camp Wallkill to ultimately serving as the assistant executive director for community, a position that made him one of the most prominent faces of our organization. During his tenure, he helped change the lives of literally thousands of children.

On Tuesday, June 24, all Children’s Aid employees as well as friends of Herman’s are invited to celebrate his life, the friendship he offered, and the deep and broad impact that he had on this city. Please join us at the Frederick Douglass Center (885 Columbus Ave., at 104th St.). A reception will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by a service and remarks.

Making College a Reality

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The Stern Memorial Scholarship Luncheon is truly a rite of early summer. Like so many traditions, certain pieces and circumstances will vary from year to year but the end result is reassuringly consistent.

That result is yet another collection of young women and men who have proven resilient in the face of overwhelming challenges and who offer powerful inspiration because of their success in reaching for excellence. Every year, they lift us by proving that zip codes don’t determine destiny.

The Stern family—represented on this day by Rob and Yuka Stern and their son, Ren—continues to generously fund two critical scholarships that year in and year out make a college education reality for some very talented New York City teenagers. The Jean L. Stern Memorial Scholarship is a tribute to her service to The Children’s Aid Society as a longtime trustee. Providing financial assistance for college-bound young people was a passionate commitment for her. And she was the one to establish the Wick Stern Memorial Scholarship, to honor the memory of her son by celebrating eight students who have demonstrated courage and perseverance, and overcome obstacles in pursuit of their higher education.

This year’s winners, who will attend a number of excellent schools next year, such as Vanderbilt University, Ithaca College, Daemon College, and Gettysburg College, are:

The Jean L. Stern Memorial Scholarship:

  • Terrell Dixon - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS
  • Alexa Laboy - Hope Leadership Academy
  • Brandon Michael - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS
  • Denny Pena - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS

The Wick Stern Memorial Scholarship:

  • Kenny Alarcon - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
  • Ruth Alozie - CAS Carrera Program
  • Beatrice Denkyi - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
  • Aiesha Hibbert - CAS Carrera Program
  • Khaddya Jobe - Hope Leadership Academy
  • Ciarra Leocadio - Hope Leadership Academy
  • Shailon Pinder - Hope Leadership Academy
  • Idania Ramirez - Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

Many thanks to the Stern family and all of the scholars who inspire us with their fortitude.

Parents Making the Right Choice

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For 28 years, The Children's Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera) has been helping parents navigate the talks they have with their children about their sexuality, through the Parent Family Life & Sexuality Education program (PFLSE). On Friday, June 6, CAS-Carrera held its most recent graduation ceremony, at Hunter College, for dozens of parents who hoped to, and will do, a better job at guiding their children.

PFLSE is a multi-week workshop that provides dozens of parents from Harlem, the South Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn with knowledge and strategies on how to become more actively involved in their child’s sexual development. The bilingual program, led by CAS-Carerra educators along with peer support from promotores (trained community educators), urges parents to be open and supportive when their children have questions.

Dr. Michael A. Carrera launched CAS-Carrera in 1984, and the PFLSE program two years later.  As he does every year, Dr. Carrera reminded the parent graduates that “they are the primary sexuality educators of their own children—they have no choice about it. Their only choice is how well or poorly they do it.”

2014 Iron Go!Chefs Competition

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For the young chefs in The Children’s Aid Society’s Go!Healthy cooking and nutrition programs, the Iron Go!Chefs competition, modeled after the Food Network's TV show Iron Chef America, is the event they’ve been waiting and preparing for all year. At this year’s fifth annual event on Thursday, June 5, at the East Harlem Center, the students demonstrated their chops, grating, tossing, and sautéing throughout a fierce competition.

Teams representing several Children’s Aid centers and community schools faced off in two separate competitions: an elementary school division and another for middle and high schools. Each of the teams showed off their healthy cooking, teamwork, and organization skills as they raced against the clock to win the prestigious title of Iron Go!Chefs Best Overall Award. Teams had an hour to prepare and present a delicious meal for a discerning panel of judges that included Vincent Camillo, Liza Queen, P. So, and other food experts, who evaluated their ability to work as a team as well as the taste and presentation of the final product.

Some of the young chefs' recipes captured more familiar flavors with American breakfast items or healthy burger dishes, while other teams chose to span the globe and prepare Mediterranean items including couscous and fish, or a traditional Japanese treat—sushi.

The winners this year were the Frederick Douglass Center Super Choppers in the elementary ages competition, and the Mirabal Sisters Campus Go Greece! team in the middle and high school ages competition.  

Congratulations to all of the young chefs for their professional quality performance! Please click here to view pictures from the elementary ages competition, and click here for pictures from the middle and high school ages competition.

An Amazing Trip to the White House

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Several days ago, we reported about a very special trip taken by a girl, Jayda Collazo, who goes to our Milbank Dunlevy Center to participate in the Boys & Girls Club. She’s part of a program called Do-it-Yourself STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and it’s an increasingly important part of education to prepare young people for successful careers. And Jayda has embraced STEM as a path to her goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Her work in STEM, as well as her goals and aspirations, earned her a trip to the White House. And we’re thankful that she was willing to tell us what it was like:

My trip to Washington DC was exciting. One reason why it was exciting was because of the transportation. Riding in a jet was probably the scariest thing I have experienced so far in my life, but also one of the most exciting things. At first I was concentrating on landing safely. I was glad to be there with someone who supported me to make it to this trip—Casper Lassiter, director of Dunlevy Milbank Center. I was also prepared on what to say to reporters and other people by my D.I.Y STEM trainer, Déjà Flynn, computer teacher at Dunlevy Milbank Center. So I felt confident on what to do on my trip to the White House.

My trip was also exciting because I received a chance to meet girls that had struggles like I did in the science field. People doubted them, or people didn't support them on their trip to the White House Science Fair. I was very inspired by these girls because of the hard work they had put into their projects which led to their opportunity to show their work to the President. Hearing their stories, I had to support them as well on their presentations that they would give to the President. Also on my trip, I learned how to avoid distractions that would affect my career in the future.

I also made a friend before the trip to the White House, Eddie Cuba from the Boys & Girls Club in New Jersey. I was happy to have someone there with me in case I would get nervous.

Meeting President Obama was the best part on the trip. Shaking his hand on national television was overwhelming because I was on TV. Not only was I on TV, but as I watched him saying his speech I was also up there with him with a few other young adults. The trip to Washington, D.C., was the best trip I had ever been on because it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Watch the video.