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Children's Aid is proud to announce the creation of the Housing Stability Resource Center, designed to provide critical and targeted comprehensive services for families threatened with homelessness.

Richard Buery’s ‘Point of View’ column in the July/August issue of “New York Nonprofit Press” makes the case for community schools as the kind of multifaceted strategy that can overcome chronic absence among school children.

On May 26, 2010, three talented teens from the Bronx, Miguelina “Erikka” Diaz, Amon “AJ” Frazier and Keith Tingman, traveled to Washington, DC to accept the prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, presented by Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy.

In the June 14, 2010 issue of The Nation, public policy expert David L. Kirp wrote a tremendous endorsement of The Children’s Aid Society’s community schools strategy. The article, “Cradle to College,” examines community schools from every perspective, including outcomes and evaluations, and finds “solid evidence of their effectiveness” as well as “mounting political support.”

The Iron Go! Chefs competition exemplified the best of Children’s Aid: programmatic innovation, project based learning, youth development, healthy eating and lifestyles, and – of course – fun! Not only was each participant a winner but each team stood out for their delicious culinary creations.

Read the article detailing the ongoing efforts of the Children's Aid Society to establish greater trust between undocumented immigrants and the NYPD.

The broadcast explored the history of the proven-effective 25-year old program, jumping off from the Obama administration’s decision to fund an “evidence-based approach” to reducing teen pregnancy.