The Children’s Aid Society’s youth development programs guide youth in their journey towards independence by teaching them the skills and knowledge necessary to function in the adult world. Children's Aid programs help create a ladder to adulthood for teens, providing a graduated series of experiences that encourages teens to take initiative, and allows them to grow.

Children’s Aid youth programs are rooted in the core values of honesty, mutual understanding, individual responsibility and community service. Problem solving, collaboration, conflict resolution, peer education, leadership and mentoring are also stressed. By encouraging these skills, Children’s Aid empowers socially and economically marginalized young people to develop the resiliency, self-reliance and the self-confidence required to succeed in adulthood.

Children’s Aid’s community centers and community schools offer adolescents a range of program options including mentoring, youth leadership development, cultural and arts programs, sports and recreation, college and career preparation and adolescent health and pregnancy prevention programs.

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To learn more about The Children’s Aid Society’s Youth Development Services, please contact Anthony Moore at (212) 876-9716.