Jane Golden

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Jane Golden joined The Children’s Aid Society in 1999 as House Counsel/Director of Program Development and has since moved on to become Vice President for Child Welfare and Family Services. Jane has received both her Juris Doctor and Master's in Social Work from Columbia University. Her experience in both law and social work make her the perfect child welfare advocate.

Jane guides our Foster Care program which serves close to 700 children in three programs: Family Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and Medical Foster Care. She also oversees the agency’s innovative intensive preventive and aftercare programs on Staten Island and in the Bronx at the Next Generation Center, a community center specializing in programs that address the needs of disconnected youth.

What are some of the most important challenges facing children in foster care today?

Children are struggling in many areas, they are often coming from experiences of extreme poverty and/or emotional neglect, their physical and mental health are often impaired, and they are usually not performing educationally at grade level. Just the act of being removed from their parents, and sometimes separated from their siblings, causes upset and trauma.

What services does The Children’s Aid Society provide to ensure the welfare of children?

In addition to recruiting and certifying foster parents who have the time and emotional capacity to care for children, we ensure the welfare of children by providing high quality health care services, educational specialists who assist with school placement, as well as recreation and socialization opportunities that children can learn and benefit from.

How do you know your work matters?

I know our work matters because I see children coming into foster care, sometimes out of horrifying circumstances, demonstrating feelings of safety and contentment in their new homes. I have seen individuals progress and families reunite because of the services we provide.