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New York City thrives on the contributions made by those who move here from other countries. Making the transition easier for children and families is an important part of The Children’s Aid Society’s mission. These brochures point the way to citizenship, education and income and health supports for immigrant families.

Benefits for Undocumented Immigrants This brochure contains valuable information regarding:

  • Resources available to low-income undocumented immigrant families
  • Names and numbers of agencies providing legal and other services for immigrants

How to Apply for a Green Card This brochure details:

  • The six categories in which you can obtain a Green Card
  • The Green Card Lottery
  • Requirements for Political Asylum
  • Contact information for agencies providing services for immigrants

Immigrant Families and Public Schools Learn about:

  • Your child's right to an education
  • How to register your child for school
  • How to get your child immunized
  • How to apply for the Department of Education's school breakfast and lunch program
  • Information on bilingual and English-as-a-Second-Language classes
  • Important hotline numbers

To learn more and to receive the complete set of Know Your Rights brochures in English and Spanish, contact The Children's Aid Society, Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy at (212) 358-8930.