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The rising cost of New York City housing has forced many families into Housing Court for nonpayment of rent. In addition, many tenants have to go through the courts to force their landlords to make improvements to dilapidated apartments. These brochures help tenants to understand their rights and obligations when they have housing issues. This brochure, Eviction Prevention and Emergency Shelter, will help you to understand:

  • The procedures your landlord must follow before a notice of eviction can be issued
  • How you can legally force your landlord to make necessary repairs to your apartment
  • How to file an answer to a non-payment petition
  • What documents you should bring to housing court hearings
  • What agencies to call for legal assistance
  • Possible grants and rent assistance programs

Tenant Awareness and Organizing is a brochure addressing the following:

  • The responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord
  • To whom you should address initial complaints about your apartment
  • Steps to take if your landlord fails to make necessary repairs
  • How to start a Housing Part (HP) action
  • Names and numbers to contact for housing questions

To learn more and to receive the complete set of Know Your Rights brochures in English and Spanish, contact The Children's Aid Society, Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy at (212) 358-8930.