NYPD Wants GPS Tracking in Prescription Pill Bottles (1/22/13)

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The New York Police Department wants to reduce prescription pill theft by installing GPS tracking devices in medication pill bottles.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly outlined a plan at a conference on health issues asking local pharmacies to include GPS fitted bottles on the shelves alongside other medications.

"When pills become too expensive, addicts are known to resort to cheaper drugs such as heroin and cocaine.  They turn to crime to support their habit," the commissioner commented.

Kelly points to the number of high profile crimes that have been associated with the problem of prescription pill abuse, including the murder of four people on Long Island during a pharmacy holdup in 2011.

The NYPD has begun creating a database of the 6,000+ pharmacists and the 1,800 pharmacies in the five boroughs.  Along with asking them to adopt the GPS strategy, officers will visit and recommend increased security measures such as better alarm systems and better lighting in storage areas.

Bridget Brennan, special narcotics prosecutor for New York City welcomed the NYPD initiative.

"It's an excellent use of available technology to address a real problem,"  Brennan said Tuesday.

The announcement also signaled that addressing prescription pill abuse, "has become a real priority for the NYPD," she added.

Source: Huffington Post