Capacity Building

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Building capacity is always “on the front burner” when working to reduce ATOD issues within the community. At this point in community building, It is important to consider what capacities need to be strengthened to achieve the goals and desired outcomes of the community. 

As a community group or coalition, It is fine to realize that you may not currently have all of the necessary capacities to develop or implement a compressive plan to reduce ATOD issues in the community. The Prevention resource center is available to help your group identify gaps in capacity and ways that they can be addressed to strengthen your efforts.




The Capacity Training

As community groups and coalitions begin to uncover more of the factors that are impacting their community, the also begin to discover that they may not have enough resources in the community and at the table to address the issues. The Capacity Training is in place to help. Read more about the training here



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Provides overview and discusses building membership, structure, and leadership.