Pre- Arts: Storybook Theater (Ages 3-4)

With Lindsay Blodgett and Greg Foro $350 Our youngest actors will explore multicultural stories through movement, music, visual art and dramatic play. In our state of the art theater space, students become sly tricksters, wild animals and clever heroes as they bring exciting tales to life. They move their bodies in new and inventive ways as they journey through each adventure. Problem solving, creative expression, communication and teamwork are encouraged. REGISTER EARLY FOR THIS POPULAR CLASS!

Class Code Ages Days Dates Hours
A 3 MONDAYS 02/13/12 - 05/21/12 1:10-2:10
B 3 TUESDAYS 02/14/12 - 05/29/12 1:10-2:10
C 4 WEDNESDAYS 02/15/12 - 05/30/12 2:10-3:10
D 4 THURSDAYS 02/16/12 - 05/31/12 2:10-3:10