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Here’s what some past students have to say about the program:

“The semester had a beginning, middle and end that transcended the syllabus. I can literally feel how my body, voice and purpose evolved as the semester moved on. -Ernesto Ferran

“Stephen has a great way of bringing the theatre to life and helping you to accomplish goals.” -Anonymous

“It will definitely get you over your fears of performing in front of people. Especially with a warm, open welcome class and a supportive teacher like Stephen.” -Anonymous

“It was great for my limited language skill.” -Nana

“This class let me focus on the light-heartedness of life.” -Julie Rubin

“Stephen offers an unintimidating accessible course for new actors and actors getting back into the craft. A great way to spend a Monday night.” -Max Berry

“Well worth it!” -Josh Lipsman

“Great class for actors of all levels. It’s a wonderful chance to break from your comfort zone and tap into area you don’t usually breach. Also a great way to meet good people from all different places in life.” -Josie Pelham

“The Adult Acting class has a huge benefit for me. It made me feel comfortable being in front of others, acting in different characters, and in general really helped my presentation skills. I got everything out of the class I wanted and more. I highly recommend it and Stephen is a great teacher.” -Kimberly Wooldridge

“Excellent class. This class helped me more as an actor and professional that I ever hoped.” -Jedediah Wooldridge

“A safe environment to get back into a passion from years back! Very constructive!” -Virginia Foxton, Marketing

“There is no pompousness, no pretense and just a lot of care. I have learned so much from this class; mainly about myself-but also about acting, confidence and how to play!” -Anonymous

“This class is great for challenging me to go beyond my comfort range to new places in my acting experience while never neglecting to create and maintain a safe, collaborative environment where I learn, have a great time and leave a better actor.” -Lee Burnley, Actor

“I found Adult I to be a great creative outlet. Stephen was really an amazing teacher. He was able to facilitate a comfortable and safe environment while challenging us to explore new things. It was a great release for me. Much better than going to the gym!” -Katie Dixon, Designer

“The Adult Class helped me break through a lot of my fears and barriers about public speaking. I feel much more at ease in social and business settings. This class allowed me to take risks in a comfortable environment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’s interested in acting.” -Dean Kurth, Writer

“I am a dancer who was never interested in acting until I took Stephen’s Adult Acting class. It inspired me so much that, three years later, I am still taking classes and have performed in two shows as an actor. “ -Gail Giovanello, Dancer

“I was able to work on my fear of getting up in front of other people. I became more comfortable in front of others.” -Anonymous

“I learned a lot about me, what’s inside me when I have to be somebody else. We all have power that we ignore sometimes. I’ve learned that acting is more than changing your voice- it’s giving who you are, 100% of yourself without remaining yourself.” -Anonymous

“I acquired a great knowledge about characters, how to become and evolve into your character.” -Anonymous

“I learned to deal with more than one thing at any given time. Which is a great skill to possess inside the acting world and out.” -William Silva, Musician

“Being a singer, musician & songwriter, I enrolled in this class with hopes that it would help my performance skills. It is important to have acting skills to convey the message of each song, in order to ‘communicate’ to the audience and allow them to feel what you are feeling. This class has not only helped me tremendously with my performances, but was a LOT of fun. It has helped me express myself without holding back and without worrying about judgment from others. This has been a very positive experience for me.” -Beth Lauer, Musician

“This class gave me a bare understanding for the work of an actor and made me aware of the many essential things for improving stage presence.” -Andre Guedel, Consulate General

“Class was challenging and fun. I looked forward to going everyday. All the help and preparation from the teachers made it all worth it in the end.” -Michelle Brier, Writer

“I had so much fun, and I lost my self consciousness. I enjoyed meeting new people and the improvisations are a real good time.” -Anonymous

“This class helped me to trust myself more.” -Susie Zeiger, ESL teacher

“This class is great. It made me a different person on the stage!” -Takashi Oshima, Professor

“I was going to quit a few times. The last time that I was on stage was ’93 and I thought that it was all lost as far as acting goes. The class proved to be different as the instructors were great and we were all able to learn from one another.” -Anonymous

“I always leave class more energized than when I walked in. The teachers are supportive and non-judgmental. They are skilled and creative and provide a great environment for learning and growing.” -Lynne Alterman, Social Worker

“I learned to let go, and in turn started to understand the acting process. I learned respect for acting.” -Anonymous

“This workshop successfully communicated the essence of what it is to experience the art and skill of acting.” -David Morgan

“The class and teachers were incredibly supportive and helped make the class fun and feel safe!” -Jennifer Convissor