Children's Aid Stands with Dreamers

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Today, Phoebe C. Boyer, president and CEO of The Children’s Aid Society, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s announcement to revoke DACA:

“The Children’s Aid family is large, diverse, inclusive, supportive, compassionate, and aspiring. We stand together in supporting the 800,000 Dreamers and condemn any action that throws their lives into unnecessary chaos, stress, and, especially, uncertainty. The decision that came out of the White House yesterday is nothing short of cruel.

Dreamers are parents and kids; workers and students; taxpayers and neighbors; clients, local business owners, and colleagues. They have been contributing to our communities in myriad of ways for years.

In the face of this federal decision, we will be working with our families, colleagues, and the larger community to provide them with whatever counsel and support we can offer—and to help them understand the near and longer-term repercussions of this action. At the same time, in partnership with our families and colleagues, we will urge our leaders in Washington to right this terrible wrong and make a place for the many who have already made America better by being here.”