Street Law

The Street Law program was initiated in 1972 at the Georgetown University Law Center. The Street Law program has been designed to providing a practical understanding of law and the legal system that will be of use to students in their everyday lives. This includes: improving understanding of the fundamental principles and values underlying the U.S. Constitution, laws, and legal system; promoting awareness of current issues and controversies relating to law and the legal system; encouraging effective and informed civic participation in our democracy; bringing about a greater sense of justice, tolerance, and fairness; developing a willingness and an ability to resolve; improving basic skills, including critical thinking and reasoning, communication, observation, and problem solving; improving understanding of the roles that law, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and the legal system play in our democracy; providing exposure to the many vocational opportunities that exist within the legal system.  The Street Law program is designed to inspire and motivate these students to work hard and aim high.