JAM and WISE2 Peer Education Program

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CAS Teen Health Services employs several Just Ask Me (JAM) Peer Educators and Well Informed on Sexuality Education, Too (WISE2) Peer Educators who work in the South Bronx and Harlem, where the pregnancy and STI reates for teens are among the highest in NYC.  Our JAM and WISE2 Peer Educators are trained to understand and talk with their peers about sexual and reproductive health issues including STI and HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention, and healthy relationships. They often work with our health educators to plan and facilitate educational workshops in schools and other organizations in the community. We understand that sometimes teens feel more comfortable talking to other teens about their problems and fears, so JAM and WISE2 Peer Educators serve as a valuable link between our health centers the teens we serve. The peer educators can answer many of the questions that their peers may ask, and then often refer their peers to one of CAS’s health centers for confidential health services.

Recruitment for JAM and WISE2 Peer Educators takes place every year during the spring. Applications are open for 2013. If you are interested in becoming a JAM or WISE2 Peer Educator, contact Nyreida Herman at nyreidah@childrensaidsociety.org and take a look at the sample job description and sample application. Keep checking this website for updated application information!

What if Sex Ed Info was as easy as getting a text?  Text ‘CAS Healthy Teens’ to 97-779! This is a FREE service especially if you have unlimited texting. Text today and be informed!