Family Wellness Group Counseling & Education

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Group members learn to recognize the warning signs of violence

Women's Groups

The Women's Support Groups are for mothers who are survivors of abuse, whether they are currently in the abusive relationship or have ended it. The abuse they have experienced can be emotional, physical, sexual or financial. While no two relationships are the same, women often find it helpful to talk with others who have had similar experiences. The group facilitators explain the dynamics of domestic violence so that members can recognize the warning signs of violence and plan ways to be safe in their relationships. Group members also spend time understanding how their children have been affected by abuse and learn ways to help their children cope and heal.

Men's Groups

The Men Working to be Non-Abusive Group is for fathers who have used physical, emotional or sexual tactics to control or hurt their female partners, but who are ready to take responsibility for their behavior and make changes. We believe that violence and abuse are learned behaviors that are aimed at gaining power and control, and that it is possible to choose not to use violence and instead gain skills for healthier relationships. Men in this program discuss:

  1. The dynamics of domestic violence.
  2. Gender roles and values.
  3. Ways to identify their physical and emotional cues to violence.
  4. Ways to increase understanding of the effects of abuse on their partners.
  5. The effects of witnessing domestic abuse on children and how to help their children to heal.

Teen Groups

Teens who have witnessed abuse at home or who have experienced it in their own dating relationships can join the Teen Men's or Teen Women's group to learn how to stop the pattern of abuse from taking over their lives. A co-ed group called T.A.R.A. (Teens Against Relationship Abuse) is for teen men and women who have not necessarily experienced abuse in their own lives, but who want to learn about and help put an end to relationship abuse. Members of teen groups do role-playing, read poetry, watch movies and participate in other fun activities. Our staff also offers multi-session workshops to high school students and community groups in the Bronx to prevent relationship abuse among teens.

Children's Groups

Children who have watched, heard or seen the aftermath of domestic violence are often affected in ways that their parents and other adults may not recognize. The effects can be emotional or behavioral. The goal of the children's groups is to help youngsters heal by letting them know the abuse is not their fault and that they are not alone in their experience. Group facilitators lead exercises that help children identify and talk about their feelings. Children also learn how to protect themselves should violence return to their homes.

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