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The Children's Aid Society East Harlem Center "Dare-to-Dream" Teen Program uses tested youth development strategies and programming to help youth aged 13-20 make a successful transition to adulthood.

The East Harlem Center strongly believes that in order to successfully serve children, you must also address the needs of parents and adults in the community. The East Harlem Center does that through programs especially geared towards parenting, language and career development.

The Children’s Aid Society East Harlem Center After-School Program provides children ages 5-11 with a diverse range of activities and services focused on their social, academic, physical, emotional and cognitive development. The program is a safe haven for many children. We use a holistic approach to address the deficits experienced by children and families while building upon their strengths.

The Children’s Aid Society East Harlem Center Bridge Program provides middle and junior high school youth aged 11-14 with a diverse range of activities and services focused on their academic, physical, emotional and cognitive development.

The Girls Fitness Group at The East Harlem Center encourages youth to explore their hidden talents through movement and dance in sessions held twice a week.

The East Harlem Early Childhood programs provide education and social service supports to families with children 0-5 years of age, as well as pregnant women. Head Start and Early Head Start stand out among early childhood programs for addressing the emotional, social, health, nutritional, and psychological needs of each child. The East Harlem Center’s Head Start program has operated since 1965 and the Early Head Start program was founded in 2009.

High school juniors and seniors are invited to our college preparation workshops. Project LIVE links junior high school students with business professionals who expose them to the work world. Tutoring is available for all teens.

Children’s Aid created the Saturday Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth in 1989.

The Children’s Aid Society believes that summer provides children with an important opportunity to play, learn new skills, meet new friends and be exposed to the world outside their community. That's why the East Harlem Center hosts four different programs: Home Camp, Bridge Camp, Wagon Road Camp and Alvin Ailey Dance Camp. All Camp Programs utilize project-based learning and theme curriculums to enhance the summer learning opportunities.

Launched in 2005 with support from The Sirus Fund, Talk & Play/Jugando Hablando is designed to serve speech and language-delayed toddlers enrolled in Children’s Aid’s Early Head Start program.