Mentor's Circle

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The Mentor's Circle is the leadership group of Children's Aid supporters who make a special commitment by donating $1,000 or more annually (cumulative for each fiscal year, July 1 to June 30). By joining our Mentors' Circle, you will make possible our ability to help children and families through times of everyday hardship as well as extraordinary need. Your gift can have a special impact. Each of our five main areas of programs and services - Community Schools, Community Centers and Camps, Health and Dental Care, Counseling and Preventive Care, Foster Care and Adoption - has many ongoing activities, but long "wish lists" of things that still need to be done. As a Mentor, you will feel the joy of helping New York's children to succeed. Mentors also receive:

  • invitations to the annual Mentor's Circle reception with Trustees, periodic Children's Aid Donor Roundtables and other special events,
  • a personalized site visit to any Children's Aid Community School or Center, upon request, and
  • personal updates from our Chief Executive Officer.

We are very grateful for the generosity of our Mentors.

Mentor's Circle Levels

Founder's Circle: $1,000,000 and more

Chairman's Circle: $500,000 and more

President's Circle: $250,000 and more

Champion: $100,000 and more

Benefactor: $50,000 and more

Steward: $25,000 and more

Guarantor: $15,000 and more

Sponsor: $10,000 and more

Patron: $5,000 and more

Protector: $2,500 and more

Mentor: $1,000 and more