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CSS and NCCS: Partners in Building a Field and a Movement

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In our work at the National Center for Community Schools, one of the most frequently asked questions from colleagues around the country is this: “What is your relationship to the Coalition for Community Schools?” The simple answer is that we are partners—although that answer could apply to our organizations’ relationships with others in the field.

Early Childhood Education at CAS Community Schools: A Model for NYC?

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The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) school-based Early Childhood Programs (ECP) are implemented in five of our New York City community schools, four in Manhattan and one in the South Bronx.  Designed as a partnership between the city’s Department of Education and CAS, this collaboration brings low-income, expectant families, newborns and families with children up to five years of age into the schools in which the children would complete fifth grade.  The population is comprised of mostly Latino immigrants (Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican, etc.), with a growing number of

Visitor Profiles

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New York State Office of Mental Health and NY State Education Department

On February 7, 2014 a group of New York State education and mental health officials visited the CAS National Center for Community Schools to hear about lessons learned by providers of mental health services in New York City public schools; and to consider the implications of these lessons for policy, funding and practice. 

NCCS Helps Detroit Public Schools Implement Community Schools as A Strategy for Change

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In the 20 years since our inception, The Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools (NCCS) has witnessed a major trend—one that we describe as moving “from retail to wholesale.” Initially, we received requests from individual schools that wanted to transform themselves from traditional schools into community schools.  But over the intervening years, we found that, increasingly, we were hearing more from districts than from individual schools.  A

CAS Expanded Learning Opportunities Reinforce Common Core Standards

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By Drema Brown, CAS Vice President and Director, School Age Division

The typical school day is designed with a focus on helping youth acquire grade level concepts and skills in the core academic subjects- reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) at The Children’s Aid Society’s (CAS) community schools aim to bridge in-school and out-of-school learning.

Leaders in the Field Comment on Momentum of the Community School Strategy

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The work of community schools (CS) is spreading with deeper focus and intentionality. Positive outcomes and concerted advocacy have contributed to growing momentum across the nation. Below, leaders of the field with long-term perspectives share their observations about the risks and opportunities of momentum; the role of philanthropy, universities and advocacy moving forward; and on how technical assistance can keep momentum building and ensure the integrity of the strategy.   

Children's Aid Society Awarded Two of 30 New York State First Community School Grants

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We are delighted that two Children's Aid Society (CAS) community schools, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School  and Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School, serving students in grades 6-12, are among the 30 initial recipients of the New York State Education Department Community Schools Grant.

First Bay Area Community Schools Fundamentals Conference

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In partnership with the United Way of the Bay Area, The Children’s Aid Society National Center for Community Schools (NCCS) planned and co-hosted a “Community Schools Fundamentals” conference in Oakland, California, on December 4 and 5.  Approximately 200 educators from across the Bay Area attended the conference, which was designed for educators and staff from community-based organizations who are new or relatively new to the community schools strategy.

Powerful Partnerships: A Recipe for Student Success

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The City College Academy of the Arts, founded in 2005, is a 6th to 12th grade New York City Department of Education/City University of New York/The Children’s Aid Society early college, full-service community school, in northern Manhattan. There are 526 students; 86% qualify for free lunch. The attendance and graduation rates are 95%, SATs are above average, and there is a 100% college acceptance rate.

The International Centre of Excellence for Community Schools

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International Update:
Community schools are not confined to the United States. In fact, there are thousands of institutions adopting and adapting this approach across the globe. Many of these adaptations have been inspired by the American movement. For example, professionals from 76 countries have visited Children’s Aid community schools since the first one opened in 1992.

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