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Little Ones Taking the Next Step

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Toddlers waved and did their little dances. Mile-wide smiles brightened the stage. Parents, teachers, and staff gave a long ovation.

These are some of the sights and sounds of success in education. You will find them whenever we are marking transitions, celebrating the achievement of one academic milestone and anticipating the next—especially at our stepping-up ceremonies through the Early Childhood Division.

National Foster Care Month

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There probably aren’t a lot of people who experience the foster care system and call it a blessing in disguise.

Then again, there aren’t many people like Krystine Dykes. She’s 28 and she basically rescued two younger brothers far-from-ideal foster care situations to give them a home they could trust and feel safe in. It was also a home she filled with love.

Little Steps, Huge Leaps

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Parents whose children attend our Early Childhood programs appreciate how excited and prepared they are for kindergarten. Just ask Tatiana Henderson.

Gavin was her second child to attend The Children’s Aid Society’s Richmond Early Learning Center in Staten Island. For three years, the staff nurtured Gavin’s curiosity, provided encouragement, and created an environment for exploration and learning.

Children’s Aid in the White House

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When the White House calls, you pick up the phone. And Children’s Aid feels very fortunate that the White House called earlier this year.

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