Teens Educate Peers on Sex Health

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Our adolescent health services take into account that sometimes teens have a lot of questions that they don’t always feel comfortable asking adults. To close the knowledge and comfort gap, we develop and deploy an entire team of teenaged health experts. Our Just Ask Me (JAM) Peer Educators, based at the Children’s Aid Bronx Health services, have taken it upon themselves to tackle some important conversations for youth their ages: defining healthy relationships, getting tested for sexually transmitted infections, and preventing teenage pregnancy.

Last week, the JAM Peers teamed up with the Keystone Club at the Children’s Aid East Harlem Center to host their annual teen pregnancy prevention event. Together the groups facilitated meaningful discussions around teen pregnancy and educated over seventy of their peers on safe sex practices and the importance of abstinence. We applaud the JAM Peers and the Keystone Club for organizing such a successful event and, most importantly, for helping other teens feel comfortable asking questions that keep them informed and healthy.