From the Associates Council: The Brains Behind Emerald City

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Last week I wrote about the tremendous courage the not-so-cowardly lions on the Emerald City team have shown in recruiting corporate sponsors and raffle prize donors. In this second post in the series, I’ll turn to the Scarecrow -- which is to say, some of the brains behind our event. I’m thinking in particular about our Logistics and Marketing committees, who’ve been managing the planning and publicity details on a daily basis for nearly four months.

Rebecca Steuer and Anjali Kar, who also work together at an advertising technology company, started down the yellow brick road early on as chairs of the Logistics Committee. With extensive experience with large-scale events, Rebecca and Anjali have thought through every aspect of the night itself, from the flowers on the tables (can you guess what they’ll be?) to the presentation and program to the precise balance of hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

These two have masterfully coordinated with the venue, the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, the caterer, ‘wichcraft, and our beneficiary, Go!Healthy to put together an event to remember. Thanks to Rebecca and Anjali, we’ll be welcoming a renowned guest speaker, Tanya Steel, in addition to a handful of star chefs from Go!Healthy who’ll be demonstrating one of their favorite healthy recipes.  I could go on and on, but I’d rather not spoil the surprise and excitement of attending the event itself. You’ll just have to join us to see it yourself!

And that’s where Marketing comes in. It’s taken some big brains and focused dedication to get the word out about Emerald City and make the case for coming to the loveliest event of the charity season (if I do say so myself). Marketing the Associates Council spring fundraiser has come a long way since we first started throwing this event three years ago -- thanks in large part to the Communications team at CAS, led by Anthony Ramos. With their support, the Emerald City volunteers developed a full communications plan as well as all the public-facing content.

My co-chair Sara Grace Moss took the lead on the press release, and we were lucky enough to have a PR professional, Ali Rotondo of Edelman, driving social media efforts and writing six weeks’ worth of posts for three different social pages. Nathaniel Soria, a talented graphic designer by trade, created the entire creative concept for Emerald City, which combines art nouveau with Manhattan chic. This year’s invitation is truly a masterpiece, and Nathaniel will even be animating it for display on the media board at Lincoln Center. He was also the mastermind behind  Finally, with these blogs, I personally have been trying to bring all the fun we’re having to life, and I hope I’ve given you a sense of the Associates Council spirit and the level of commitment we have on our terrific committee.

So, to all the Scarecrows out there: get smart and buy a ticket to Emerald City today!  

- Giuliana Vetrano, Co-Chair, Spring Event Committee