From the Associates Council: Courage – Sponsorship and Raffles

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The Wizard of Oz is not only a quest for the Emerald City. It’s also a search for a brain for the Scarecrow, a heart for the Tin Man, and courage for the Cowardly Lion.

A whole lot of brains, heart, and courage have gone into planning the Associates Council’s Emerald City fundraiser on May 8, and as co-chair of the event committee, I’d like to recognize some standout members in a series of blog posts. In this first one, I’ll highlight some serious courage on the committee’s sponsorship and raffle teams. (Stayed tuned for the Brains and Heart posts in the next few weeks.)

It takes real guts to ask companies to support our event and our cause, and AC president Jenn Gallivan has delivered in a big way. Jenn brought in three of our four sponsors: Goldman Sachs, Scotiabank, and Trident Investment Management. Trident has been a sponsor every year since we started throwing this fundraiser in 2011, and Scotiabank and Goldman are both joining us for the second time. We are deeply grateful for their support, and very lucky to have Jenn as our president.

We'd also like to thank our fourth sponsor, Edelman, and its CEO Richard Edelman in particular.  Richard is also a CAS board member and the one who got me involved with CAS in the first place. I'm thrilled Edelman is contributing to Emerald City.  The spring committee is fortunate enough to include Ali Rotondo, an Account Supervisor at this leading public relations firm who has been instrumental coordinating the sponsorship. Sponsors are critical to the event’s success--without them, Emerald City would barely be possible--and their generosity translates directly into a positive impact on Go!Healthy.

Beyond sponsorship, I’d like to give a shout out to Maxi Adamski and Alexandra Cannon, who have pounded the sidewalks of New York to collect an incredible array of unique and enticing raffle prizes, from a golf outing to cooking lessons to private shopping parties. Maxi and Alexandra are managing the raffle for the second year in a row, and we are constantly impressed with their boldness in going after the best prizes out there. Moreover, the raffle has been a full team effort: several of the prizes have come in through members’ personal contacts, as well. To hear more details about the raffle prizes, follow the AC on Facebook.

And don’t be cowardly -- buy your Emerald City event ticket, or just your raffle tickets, now. Even if you can’t make the party, you could still win a prize.

- Giuliana Vetrano, Co-Chair, Spring Event Committee