Cheery Volunteers Bundle Up Dunlevy Milbank Center

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October’s random snow storm may have left many wondering if their wardrobe is ready for this hard to predict weather but many Children’s Aid Society children are more than prepared. Thanks to a group of 24 volunteers from Bank of New York Mellon, approximately 200 after-school program participants at the Dunlevy Milbank Center, a Children’s Aid Society Community Center in Harlem, received brand new winter coats and gloves last week.

These energetic volunteers left work early to serve as personal shoppers in the Center’s dance studio, helping each child to choose their best size and fit to keep them extra warm this season.   In addition to this unique personalized shopping experience, volunteers also ensured that the event ran smoothly by restocking the coat racks, labeling and bagging the children’s new treasures, and helping them to choose the perfect pair of fluffy gloves to match.  In the gym, almost all modeled their new attire for each other and excitedly compared their colorful styles.

This year’s coat distribution was an amazing display of corporate engagement and volunteerism by Children’s Aid partner, Bank of New York Mellon. The Children’s Aid Society welcomes corporate groups from across New York City to participate in sponsored volunteer projects such as gardening projects, mural painting, special events, financial literacy training and many others. We are so grateful to our BNY Mellon volunteers who visited Milbank to bundle up our young people, and warm our hearts.

Photos Courtesy of Malia Poai