Richard Buery in The NonProfit Times: On Board for Term Limits

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Richard Buery admits he has a hard time getting rid of people. But that’s a good thing. “It’s a testament to how great our organization is and how great our work is,” said the president and CEO of Children’s Aid Society (CAS) in New York City.

Until this year, there were no term limits for board trustees of the 150-year-old charity. On average, board members served for about 15 years, with two who had served 39 and 34 years, respectively.

One of the strengths of Children’s Aid Society, said Buery, is that there are board members who know so much about the organization’s work.

“They’re very dedicated. We have trustees who have been on the board for a long time. Now the experience is great; it’s good to have that experience. But we also know that to have a real governing body that can have critical conversations about the future, you can’t have 50 people in the room.” He cited research that if there are more than seven people, a conversation will start to lose value.

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