Take Action Alert! Tell Federal Lawmakers to Put Children First

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Proposed reductions to the federal budget and the impending August 2nd deadline to increase our country’s debt ceiling are threatening to slow down our fragile economic recovery. Reductions to programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, Child Care and Head Start and the PELL Program would balance our country’s budget on the backs of the nation’s most vulnerable Americans, without asking corporations and high-income earners to bear their fair share of the current economic burden.

Join the fight and tell Federal Lawmakers to pass a fair budget that does not cut vital services to children and families. Call President Obama at (888) 828 - 4170 and your Senators at (888) 907 – 1485 and tell them to vote for a budget that protects vulnerable children and families from cuts in vital programs, invests in youth and ensures that the wealthiest contribute their fair share.

Join The Children’s Aid Society in its mission and Take Action Today!