2011 CoWAP Conference Preview

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The second conference of the NYC Coalition on Working with Abusive Partners (CoWAP) will take place on June 2nd at The Conference Center at JP Morgan Chase. Entitled One Size Does Not Fit All: Advancing the Dialogue on Working with Abusive Partners, this year's conference is "designed for anyone working in the anti-domestic violence movement, as well as other legal and social service professionals who work with survivors, abusers, teens and children impacted by domestic violence and relationship abuse. Experts in the area of domestic violence prevention and intervention will discuss the research, strategies and controversies surrounding abusive partner intervention and prevention."

To register for the conference, please visit www.childrensaidsociety.org/cowap-conference

Click "play" below to hear Kerry Moles, Director of Family Wellness at Children's Aid and Co-Chair of CoWAP, discuss the upcoming CoWAP conference.