Children's Aid Honored With School Readiness Recommendation

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Recently, Social Impact Research released a series of reports on School Readiness in New York City. The Children’s Aid Society is honored to have been selected as one of seven recommended New York City-based school readiness organizations. Research from neuroscience, developmental psychology and economics all support early childhood programs as a worthwhile and important societal investment. At Children’s Aid, we know the hard work that goes into creating programs that successfully prepare young children for kindergarten and beyond.

We are proud that Children’s Aid ranked among the top of its field in the important areas of truly impactful school readiness programs including:

  • An education-focused curriculum which prepares children both cognitively and socially for kindergarten and beyond.
  • Parent involvement programs that help parents reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom and shape their children’s behavior and desire to learn. A great parent involvement program allows the parents an active role in the organization and gives them ample opportunities to learn.
  • Complementary services for at-risk children and their families who often have other issues that affect their lives and their successful participation in programs. Social services, counseling and access to community services are important components of a high-quality program.

To learn more about the series of reports go to: