Help Children’s Aid Get Ingrained

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The Children’s Aid Society’s Go!Healthy initiative educates disadvantaged children from birth through adolescence and their families about the joys of healthful cooking and eating. One of the favorites among Children’s Aid youth is Go!Chefs, a 12-week after-school cooking and nutrition program. Its popularity is catching on; this year the Go! Healthy program is one of five finalists in the running to receive a $15,000 grant from the Get Ingrained program.

With the help of this Get Ingrained Grant, we hope to double the reach of our Go!Chefs program by launching a Culinary Race Around the World. Every day, across The Children’s Aid Society community centers and schools in Harlem, Washington Heights and the Bronx, children in Go!Chefs are learning that whole and plant-based foods are a cause for celebration…and now, healthy competition! In Race Around the World, young chefs will cook their way through Senegal and China, France and the American South, learning how world cuisines use whole foods to create vibrant and healthy meals. They will also learn how to be “conscious consumers” by measuring the sugar in popular foods, reading food labels, and exploring whole grains (including grinding whole wheat flour and baking bread!).

The Race will culminate in an Iron Go!Chefs competition where young chefs will design their own delicious meals based on one non-meat protein, two vegetables, and a whole grain, and prepare it live for a panel of peer, parent and professional Chef judges. Our young chefs will also compete in a Nutrition Bee to demonstrate their new knowledge of healthy eating. Funds from the grant would enable us to enroll over 1,000 children across 15 sites in this exciting program that celebrates healthy eating!

This online competition is through November 29th.  You can help us win this grant by voting for Go!Chefs once each day at  Thank you for your support!