Children’s Aid Youth Teach Survival Skills

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Summer has come to an end and all throughout The Children’s Aid Society children have been celebrating the season with performances they have learned over the last several of weeks. The culminating event at this year’s summer camp at Frederick Douglass Center was a survivor fair held on August 17th. The fair, for parents, participants and community members, began with a short performance by the youngest campers, ages five and six.

Parents were later led downstairs where they could visit several rooms offering informational sessions on how to survive different scenarios. The children decorated their rooms based on their topic and the survival skills they have learned over the summer. In one room named the Red Cross, the children gave general tips on what to do in an emergency. In another, the group explained how to survive an earthquake. The campers wrapped up their exciting fair with skits in which they acted out three dangerous scenarios and how to survive them. The skits included choking at lunch, grandmother getting sick and a friend being injured while playing.

The kids did a wonderful job performing and enlightening the crowd on what they learned during the summer survivor camp. I am confident that after having attended the fair one may feel more prepared to handle a dangerous situation.

Danny Morris
Director, Hope Leadership Academy