Freshness Grows in the Bronx

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What would you expect teens to do on a warm summer afternoon? Hit the pool or beach? Sure! Spend time in a mall or movie theater to cool off? Why not? Well, on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010, teens from the Bronx Family Center brought fresh fruits and vegetables to their South Bronx neighborhood. The Youthmarket, the first to be held at this center, was operated by youth from the Foster Care program. The teens worked hard together to meet the demands from dozens of children who visited the Youthmarket from surrounding Children’s Aid Society early childhood programs and summer camps. Many kids were willing to purchase carrots and corn, which pleasantly surprised me, though the fruits remained popular throughout the day and sold out quickly.

Also present were the Next Generation Caterers, who demonstrated how to make zucchini pancakes, poached peaches with blueberries and fresh salsa. The Next Generation Caterers specialize in creating healthful, innovative cuisine made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. All the produce used in their cooking came from the Youthmarket. Along with preparing mouthwatering recipes, the caterers were excellent teachers for the younger children who were not as willing to try something “new.”

On hand to lend his support, and to organize a few carrots and potatoes, was Michael Wagner, Director of Permanency for Adoption and Foster Care at the Bronx Family Center.  

Watch this video to hear from him!

Photos Courtesy of Giany Mejia.