Guardian Angels for Families in Need

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Founded in 1933, Homemaker Services is one of The Children’s Aid Society’s oldest programs that helps keep families together. Circumstances exist, some of which parents don’t have control of, where even though they are emotionally available for their children, their physical condition doesn’t allow them to care for their child the right way. Stepping into a household where a parent is sick and unable to care for their children is one of the focuses of Homemaker Services. For parents who struggle with their job schedule, Homemakers can care for the children during those work hours.

Homemakers step in where the parents need help the most. These professionals are extremely experienced in dealing with family issues as well as childcare so that they can offer the greatest support possible to families in need.  The Homemakers combine their experience with that of professional Social Workers to maximize the potential help the Homemakers Services offer. Services include housekeeping, childcare, cooking and transportation to and from school. Whatever the issue may be at home, if there is a tough situation for a child, Homemakers could be the first to take control and solve the problem to the best of their ability. They use their expertise to not only give instruction and care but also to teach the families meaningful life skills and behavioral techniques so that families can function better.

Homemaker Services is available any day of the week, currently assisting 85 families and 200 children. For more information, please visit