Children’s Aid-Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program Recognized in Education Week

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In the March 1st issue of Education Week, an essay by Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution and Jon Baron of the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy about Head Start points to several examples of research-proven social interventions that work, and includes The Children’s Aid Society’s Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program as a shining example!

The article mentions the program’s amazing results: “40 percent to 50 percent reductions in teenage girls’ pregnancies and births” to make the point of the program’s effectiveness. The article also notes that “such instances of proven effectiveness are rare … because rigorous evaluations are still uncommon in most areas of social policy, including education.” The authors also note that “evidence-based reforms could help [federal social programs] evolve to become much more effective.”

The fact that our teen pregnancy prevention program is proven-effective helped it meet Top Tier evidence of effectiveness standards by The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy late last year. This designation means that the Children’s Aid Carrera program could potentially receive public funding for the first time in its existence; the program could thus expand greatly in coming years.

I’m proud that our program was mentioned in the Ed Week commentary as proven-effective and even more proud that the program meets Top Tier evidence of effectiveness. Certainly, there will be more news about this program to come!

Richard R. Buery, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Children’s Aid Society