Children’s Aid East Harlem New York Kids Get a Lesson in Popular Toys from Different Decades

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image002Since 2004, the Children's Aid Society has received the extraordinary support from the Simons and Magerman families to fund MASPAS (Magerman and Simons Program for Academic Success) - an intensive academic program at our three Harlem community Centers.

MASPAS works with 5th through 8th graders, promoting their academic success and getting them on a strong high school track.  MASPAS provides what many of our children desperately need:  academic enrichment during the after-school hours.  Over the last few years, the program has focused on project-based learning where the students steer the curriculum to large-scale projects that interest them. image004

The 5th Grade MASPAS group at the East Harlem Center has obviously been thinking a lot about toys this holiday season - however, not in the usual way.  This particular group of young people has been researching the most popular toys from different decades. 

Did you know that the first Mr. Potato Head cost only 98 cents?  Or that Silly Putty is actually used in space by astronauts because it's so flexible?  image006As part of the Center's holiday show, the MASPAS students have been putting together a skit to share all the fun facts they've learned about their toys.

To make the project even more engaging - the 5th graders decided to take a recent trip to Toys R Us in Times Square to see how much these timeless toys cost today.  Each child had to inquire with store personnel as to where their specific toy was located, and then they needed to use one of the store's price scanners to check the toy's cost.  image008 The students were surprised to see how the prices and packaging of today compared to the originals.

Everyone had a lot of fun learning more about these popular toys and being a part of the city's holiday atmosphere.


This looks like a fantastic

This looks like a fantastic program. Unfortunatly its exclusive to Harlem. :-(

hmmm....if we are talking

hmmm....if we are talking about children we will find something interesting about them and their life..

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