It’s Never Too Late to Learn: Children’s Aid and The Value of Adult Education

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“Knowledge is Power”Sir Francis Bacon As we journey through life, we accumulate experience, knowledge and, most importantly - wisdom. When we work hard to educate ourselves, we gain what is called sweat equityor the value that we’ve earned from our efforts.

Education provides a Value that means different things to different people. For the men and women who participate in The Children’s Aid Society's adult education programs, the value of an education is quantifiable: education makes them more marketable, more able to function and flourish in a highly complex and competitive world.  Children’s Aid gladly provides the resources and support to help them succeed!

Through programs like Families with a Future, Children’s Aid Society parents work one-on-one with a Life Coach who helps them to set goals and a long term self-empowerment plan. Besides offering counseling and family support services, The Children’s Aid Society helps finance their education by awarding grants to qualified students. Other adult services include E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) and computer courses at our technology centers.

Helping families to help themselves – that’s what we set out to accomplish. When we help parents to become productive members of the community, they are better able to provide a safe and stimulating home for their children. They also become role models for their children who, in turn, will share the benefits of their parents’ example and sweat equity.


I hope fantastic programs

I hope fantastic programs like this don't disappear due to the difficult economic times our country is facing. Programs like these are real examples of creating change at a ground level.