As New York City Budget Cuts Loom, the Most Important Investment to make is in our Children and their Future

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cas727The term "investment" generally brings up thoughts of stocks and bonds, mutual funds or purchasing a new house. Webster’s online Dictionary defines investing as “laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit.”  Clear enough, but don’t investments really come in many forms and opportunities?

At The Children’s Aid Society in New York we believe there  is a core investment that must not be sacrificed, even in times of economic stress – and that is the investment is in our children and their future. The New York Times has reported that more than $83 million in budget cuts loom  at the Administration for Children’s Services (A.C.S.), New York City’s child-welfare agency. With funding cuts on the horizon, A.C.S. officials prepare for reductions in services; the city, meanwhile, is receiving a steadily increasing number of reports of abuse and neglect.cas7272

This reduction in resources in New York’s fight for needy children could be profound. Cutting resources at the front end of a child’s life and education will hurt not only this generation of children, but their children as well. Our success in aiding needy children stands as a testament that investing in the future of children is as real as any investment that can be made today.

The ideals that The Children’s Aid Society has promoted for over 150 years are more important than ever for strengthening families in times of hardship. From civic engagement, shared responsibility and holistic responses to complex challenges, we have always recognized the importance of the investment. It will pay back in the future, but also today with wide smiles on the faces of thousands of needy children!