Children Among Hardest Hit by Recession

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The economic downturn makes the need for The Children's Aid Society in New York more urgent than ever. CBS News' Children of the Recession series reports that child abuse is spiking, summer jobs for youth are more urgently needed and are becoming scarcer, and economic stress is hampering children's performance in school. Perhaps most startlingly, it notes that one in 50 school-aged children is now homeless. Yet, as President Obama has reminded us via the Huffington Post "The homeless problem was bad even when the economy was good."

The recession has not created issues like child homelessness - it has only made them more prevalent among the middle class.  According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Goldman Sachs predicts the unemployment rate will rise above 9 percent by the start of 2010, thrusting even more New York families and children into deep poverty, homelessness and worse. In harrowing first-hand accounts, ABC News tells the stories of such child victims of the recession in their own words.

Over the last 150 years, The Children's Aid Society has served the most pressing needs of children through supportive housing services as well as emergency assistance, health services, health insurance enrollment, after-school and legal advocacy.  Now more than ever, your help is necessary. Volunteer or donate today.