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Starting with the first lullaby, music holds a special appeal for children of all ages.

Through popular programs such as the Children's Aid Chorus, Harmony in Harlem and various drumming programs, Children's Aid has been successful in getting hundreds of students interested in all kinds of beats, melodies, rhythms and sounds.

Through these programs, young people have the opportunity to experience music in its many forms and genres. In Chorus, they can sing jazz, gospel, contemporary rock or renaissance melodies. They can learn to play instrumental jazz.

Our full recording studios at Frederick Douglass Center and Dunlevy Milbank Center encourage youth to write, record and produce their own music. And fledgling DJ's can learn how to "spin" their favorite playlists at our DJ Clubs at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom Schools, Mirabal Sisters Campus and Salomé Ureña de Henríquez Campus.

Musical training fosters a child's creativity and self-esteem, and teaches the benefits of hard work and commitment. Best of all, an enjoyment of music - either performing or listening - lasts a lifetime.