Business of Giving: Community Schools Mean Real Innovation

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If President Obama’s Office of Social Innovation gets the $50 million he’s requested to help fund non-profit agencies, I’ve got a suggestion for how to best spend that money: Tackle the hardest problems first.

What are the hardest problems? As someone who's spent the last 40 years working with disadvantaged children, two top my list: teen pregnancy and public education.

Business of Giving: Bailing Out Our Schools

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Right now, everyone is focused on finding the cure for our current economic crisis. Bailouts, recovery plans and billion-dollar loans hopefully will get our economy back on firm footing soon. But we also need to look at the long-term, big picture of what will propel our economy into the future. And I believe that can be accomplished by reinventing the driver of our success: a world-class education.

Why an Angry CEO Is the Best CEO

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When I announced my retirement earlier this year, I had one main suggestion for the committee looking for my replacement: Find someone who's "angry."

"Angry?" they said. "What do you mean?"

Business of Giving: Accountability Is Key

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You know how retailers are battling it out over the few dollars consumers are willing to spend? It’s no different in the nonprofit world. Merely grabbing a donor’s attention isn't enough. We have to make a solid argument for why our cause is the one worthy of your hard-to-part-with dollar.

Children's Aid Society in New York Presents MinyanLand to Promote Importance of Financial Literacy

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Photo by Ben Russell We all know the importance of the three Rs in education - "reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic". But also knowing how to earn, save, spend and give money -financial literacy - seems more important than ever in this era of foreclosures, credit card debt and recession.

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