21st Century
Community Learning Centers

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21st Century Community Learning Centers funding – $84.5 million to NY youth – may be eliminated if you don’t act now!

Congress is currently discussing eliminating the 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) program as part of its larger discussion of the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Senate HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) has put forward a draft reauthorization bill that would eliminate the 21st CCLC funding stream. The funding would be consolidated into a block grant available to school districts to use for multiple purposes.


Taking action is FREE and generates IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

  • Call your two senators and your representative! Calls take about 30 seconds and they matter. Offices track how many calls they get about each issue – we need more calls supporting 21st CCLC! All you have to say to the receptionist is “Please maintain funding for 21st Century Community Learning Centers in the ESEA reauthorization.” That’s it! You can call again weekly to maximize your impact.
  • Email congress too! Offices also track the emails they get on each issue.
  • Use social media to get others involved: Twitter: #Afterschoolworks for 60,000 NY kids b/c of #21stCCLC & Congress proposed eliminating this $$. Take action! http://bit.ly/1zbayyT #Save21st Facebook: 21st Century funding provides high-quality afterschool and summer experiences for 1.6M kids – 60,000 in NY alone – and Congress has proposed eliminating this funding. Join me in telling Congress that we need this dedicated funding for afterschool! http://bit.ly/1zbayyT #Save21st

*Note that programs funded through 21st CCLC can still help – just not during staff hours paid for by 21st CCLC. Contact us if you have questions about what advocacy you are allowed to do.

21st CCLC is the only dedicated federal funding stream for afterschool, before-school, and summer learning programs, and currently serves approximately 60,000 students in New York State. At $84.5 million to New York alone, 21st CCLC is the largest funding source for afterschool programs in New York. Losing this funding would drastically decrease access to afterschool and would be devastating for families looking for programs in New York. Moreover, in many other states across the country, 21st CCLC is the only source of public funding for afterschool and summer programs. Learn more about some of New York’s programs in this one-pager you can share.

Learn more about ESEA reauthorization and potential effects on afterschool funding in the Afterschool Alliance’s Afterschool Snack