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The Children’s Aid Society is involved in many coalitions and alliances such as Campaign for Children, Fostering Youth Success Alliance, NYS Boys & Girls Club of America, Coalition for Community Schools, and more! We encourage our parents, students, volunteers, and staff to take action and get involved in our campaigns. Check out ways to get involved below. 

Summer Programs

Planned cuts to summer programs would eliminate slots for 31,000 middle school students citywide, despite the fact that these programs help to close the achievement gap, prevent summer learning loss, and keep children safe while parents work—especially for children in low-income communities. Since summer programs start just after the budget is adopted, it will be impossible to put engaging, high-quality summer programs back in place if funding for these programs is not re-committed prior to the Budget being resolved. Tell your elected officials to support our children by continuing to fund summer programs. Speak out today to help reverse the Mayor’s planned cuts to these programs.