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Respect, academics and sportsmanship are taught along with a great jump shot.

Take a walk past nearly any New York City park, and you’re bound to see kids playing basketball. For this reason, the sport is an integral part of The Children’s Aid Society offerings. Our basketball programs ensure that youth get to enjoy a sport they love while being introduced to Children’s Aid’s many education, arts and health care programs.

In some programs, basketball is about more than working up a sweat. Hoop Brothers combines mentoring with sports. Study Now, Play Later at the Dunlevy Milbank Center combines academics with athletics. And Honor the Game, hosted by nearly all Children’s Aid community schools, teaches youth to respect the game, their coaches and each other.

Children’s Aid basketball programs serve boys and girls ages 5-18. They run year-round and include after-school programs at community centers and community schools; summer hoops are played at the Goodhue Center and Wagon Road Camp. The Children’s Aid Society Douglass Panthers basketball team, housed at the Frederick Douglass Center, provides girls with a unique opportunity to learn the lessons of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

By providing structured and supervised environments, Children’s Aid ensures that children have fun and keep fit while staying safe.