Saturday Program Activities

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The Saturday Program’s home base is the Rhinelander Children’s Center. Although a number of activities take place off-site, all participants gather at Rhinelander at the beginning and end of the day.

In-House Activities: Activities at Rhinelander for children ages 5-13 include arts and crafts, drama, dance, games and cooking. Teen activities at Rhinelander vary widely and have included Salsa dancing lessons, information sessions on communications technologies, discussions with community leaders on health and safety issues and cooking. There are many parties and special events especially around the holidays.

Field Trips: All participants take field trips to attend theater performances and sports events, go apple picking, bowl, swim and play basketball. In recent years, participants have attended New Victory Theater, the Big Apple Circus and Mets Baseball. Groups of children and teens take separate field trips when an activity is age-specific. There are also annual camping trips to The Children’s Aid Society’s Wagon Road Camp.

Community Service: Helping others is an additional important part of the program; community service provides the participants with the chance to see themselves as helpers, enhancing their self-esteem. Teens plan projects for the younger children and are regular volunteers at Carl Schurz Park where they help with planting and other efforts in the fall and spring each year.