Enrichment Workshop Nursery Alternative

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Rhinelander Center’s Early Childhood Enrichment Workshop Program is an alternative to a traditional nursery school that helps children ages 2.5-5 get ready for kindergarten on their own schedule.

In the Enrichment Workshop program, children learn through play. Classes are designed to be fun and engaging while enhancing children’s cognitive, social and physical development.

A typical workshop includes indoor and outdoor play; circle and lesson time; music and story time, lunch or snack time and a specialty activity such as cooking, arts & crafts, storybook art, computer or music & movement. We also feature a “letter-of-the-week” or other theme to anchor specialty activities, circle time and show-and-tell.

Rhinelander’s Enrichment Workshop Program serves as an alternative to nursery school for many families. “Graduates” of our oldest group attend public and private schools throughout Manhattan with many qualifying for spots in gifted and talented programs. Because of the flexible schedule, some families also participate in Enrichment Workshops in addition to Rhinelander or another nursery school.

Parents can select days and specialties based on their interests and schedule. We require participation in a minimum of two workshops per week for younger children or three workshops per week for older children to ensure continuity and promote academic readiness skills.

For more information, please contact Ellen Santoro, Early Childhood Program Director at 212-876-0500, ext. 207 or ellens@childrensaidsociety.org