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In New York State, the Family Court presides over many matters, including domestic violence, paternity, child support and aspects of divorce including custody, visitation and spousal maintenance. These brochures outline the important issues in each of these areas. They also help parents understand when legal representation is necessary to safeguard their rights and those of their children. This brochure Orders of Protection from Domestic Violence provides essential information for victims of domestic violence including:

  • Names and numbers of legal and counseling organizations
  • Rules governing who can file a petition in Family Court and the possible types of relief provided by an Order of Protection
  • Brief glossary of important legal terms

How to Obtain Child Support - learn about important topics including:

  • Who is responsible for paying child support
  • How a parent can obtain a court-ordered child support agreement
  • What services are provided by the City's Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE)

To learn more and to receive the complete set of Know Your Rights brochures in English and Spanish, contact The Children's Aid Society, Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy at (212) 358-8930.