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Understanding credit is the first step in attaining financial freedom and flexibility.

The entire country seems to be living on credit, but there are many risks to accumulating credit card debt. Understanding Your Credit History

Click the link above to access Understanding Your Credit History, a brochure addressing important topics such as:

  • Getting a Copy of Your Credit Report
  • Dos and Don'ts of Plastic
  • Forms of Credit
  • Advantages of Credit
  • Interest Rates and Charges
  • Over-Extended or Out-of Control Credit
  • Bankruptcy

Understanding Your Credit History will answer common questions and concerns about controlling charging habits, what to do if you have taken on significant debt and advice on how many credit cards you should have. Names, numbers and web addresses of companies providing credit reports are also provided. To learn more and to receive the complete set of Know Your Rights brochures in English and Spanish, contact The Children's Aid Society, Office of Public Policy and Client Advocacy at (212) 358-8930.