Janelle Krystal Adams

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Working her way through a rigorous summer internship and now, entering her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania, Janelle Krystal Adams envisions a career in finance and management.  An excellent student, Janelle maintains a 3.8 GPA and hopes to raise her average before graduation in the coming spring.

While Janelle’s future looks bright, her journey has not been without challenges. Janelle and her sister were raised by their single mother, who emigrated from Jamaica in hopes of finding a better life for her children.  When Janelle was seven years old, her mother, an English teacher, was diagnosed with cancer, and while she underwent therapy to beat the disease, Janelle was left to cope with school and home life without the full support of her mother.  To make matters worse, her eldest sister required frequent hospitalization to undergo treatment for sickle-cell anemia.  Despite these overwhelming circumstances, Janelle’s mom encouraged her to excel academically and keep up her attendance in school.

Today, Janelle dreams of becoming a financial planner, so that she can help families like hers plan for the future.  Janelle, whose education is supported by a combination of scholarships awarded through The Children’s Aid Society, work study and savings, remembers how difficult it was to finance her education.  

“Financial planning is important because my family didn’t plan as well as I would’ve liked for my college years, and I’d like to help families just getting started,” says Janelle.  “If my mom was able to save a little more, I wouldn’t have had to maintain two on-campus jobs, seek out paid internships or apply for so many scholarships to reach my goal