BNY Mellon – Decades of Steadfast Support

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Corporate support for the work of The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) is essential to effecting positive change in the lives of children and families struggling with poverty.  BNY Mellon’s support of Children’s Aid is unique because it has been steadfast since its earliest years.  Initially, serving CAS with financial services, BNY Mellon’s support soon developed into a long-term partnership that has spanned an ocean of time, helping countless youth and families.  

Today, BNY Mellon’s support of Children’s Aid takes many forms including program support, in-kind donations as well as dedicated volunteers who believe in CAS’s mission and programs.  In addition to the firm’s generous financial contributions, which total more than $1.6 million, BNY Mellon has made in-kind contributions that include 175 museum experiences, warm winter coats and even back-to-school supplies for kids living in poverty.  These important contributions really help children to grow and succeed.  And, BNY Mellon’s support did not stop there.

Last fall, nearly 250 BNY Mellon volunteers carried out several community service projects benefiting children in East Harlem and bringing holiday cheer to families.  At the Dunlevy Milbank Center, volunteers helped distribute winter coats to children in need.  They organized a special Halloween Party at the East Harlem Center, giving children a chance to participate in safe activities. Volunteers served as cheer givers at last year’s Miracle on Madison Avenue, an event that raises awareness for CAS and its important work during the holiday season.

The impact of this kind of support is immeasurable. For example, BNY Mellon’s support of the Powering Potential Initiative helps connect young people in foster care to academic resources, obtain job training and gainful employment.  The initiative equips youth with develop a vision for the future that includes higher education.  The combination of strong financial, program and volunteer support helps improve the lives for so many children with the odds stacked against them.

In recognition of its outstanding corporate support and its continued support in helping the Children’s Aid Society keep its promise to children and families in poverty, BNY Mellon’s will be presented with the first-ever CAS Corporate Leadership Award at the CAS inaugural Gala on October 12, 2011.