Annual Report 2012

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Inspire - Aspire

Only 8 percent of children born into poverty graduate from college by the age of 25.

Consider what that means for the estimated 500,000 New York City kids living in poverty. This country was founded on the promise that everyone has the chance to achieve the American Dream. Yet the college graduation gap risks putting a better life out of reach for too many children.

It is a fact: The better educated a person is, the better her chances of upward mobility. So when fewer than one in 10 children born into poverty reach their academic potential, we as a nation are failing to achieve our highest ideals.

We at The Children’s Aid Society have worked for nearly 160 years to help bridge this gap between poverty and upward mobility. We want nothing more than to see our children thrive and succeed. To realize this vision, we envelop children, starting before birth and into young adulthood, with programs and services that can help them overcome the many obstacles that poverty puts in their way.

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