Understanding Drug Abuse

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The Importance of Research and Statistics

Data play a key role in the work of local neighborhood groups.  The ability to identify and use information can show the impact of the problem on the community.  It can also assist with:

  • Gaining Community Support
  • Helping Prioritize and Focus Efforts
  • Securing Resources and Funding

Fact Sheets


Parenting to Prevent Childhood Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA 2012)


Alcohol Overdose:The Danger of Drinking Too Much (NIAAA 2012)


The Facts About Underage Drinking (CDC 2012)


Illicit Drugs

High School & Youth Trends (NIDA 2012)


Nationwide Trends (NIDA 2012)



Marijuana Facts (NIDA 2012)


Synthetic Marijuana (NIDA 2012)


Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medication

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications (NIDA 2012)


Prescription Pill Overdoses in the U.S. (CDC 2011)