Strengthening A Community Group

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If your community groups is looking towards continuing its work into the future and discussed ways to make it happen, then you have begun the process of sustainability.

Sustainability = The ability to maintain the human, social and material resources needed to achieve your coalition’s long-term goals.


Community groups can sustain the outcomes of their work by strengthening three areas.


Organizational Capacity =

  • Assures that members and their organizations maintain a formal committment to the group

Establishes supportive methods to secure resources and appropriate expertise from members and the community.


Effectivenes =

  • Assures that the work of the group is going to adequately address the stated problem or concern of the community

Strategies that can be evaulated to ensure that the process can be imrpoved to increase its impact on the community


Community Support =

  • Develops and nurtures positive relationships within the community

Identifies new leaders and champions from the community

  • Encourages ownership of the group and its activitities by the community

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