Community Impact: Underage Substance Abuse

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Community Impact


Teen substance abuse effects the family unit as teens become more hostile, and their decision-making becomes greatly impaired. Teens finding themselves using drugs or alcohol find that their familial relationships greatly suffer. They set bad examples for any younger siblings and create much more hostility to the family as a whole. Teen drug abuse shouldn’t be tolerated by parents of troubled or violent teens and appropriate help for their teens depending on depth of the problems should be made.

(Source: Teen Drug Use

Discuss substance abuse whenever you see it happening. Help young children distinguish between adults appropriate and moderate alcohol use vs. intoxication or inappropriate behavior. Draw upon real experiences that happen in the community or situations portrayed on TV, movies, and radio.

Be specific that alcohol and other drugs are dangerous to a still-developing body and mind. Be specific about the problems that arise from using alcohol and drugs, such as:

  • fights
  • decreased athletic ability
  • hangovers and more serious health consequences
  • poor decisions
  • sexual behavior
  • blackouts
  • accidents caused by poor judgment
  • dangers of mixing alcohol and medications


Drugs have no rightful place anywhere in society; however, they have even less of a place in academic environments where teens are living in their most formative years. That the teen drug/alcohol user's academic performance is severely impaired, along with his or her level of responsibility – such as skipping class, failing to complete assignments, etc. – speaks to the notion that drug and alcohol use is rampant throughout American middle and high schools. This abuse has produced teenage student body's with many abusers whose relationships, reputations, futures, wallets, self-images and especially grades suffer as a direct result of the teen drug abuse.

(Source: Teen Drug Use