Community Assessment

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Needs assessment is a process used to profile community needs, resources, and readiness. This process includes the review and collection of community-level data. Data-driven decision-making and planning will help ensure that appropriate issues are targeted and that the appropriate target geographic area and/or population are identified.  The PRC is available to provide you and your community partners with information on how to conduct a successful needs assessment.


The Community Assessment Training

The prevention resource center has created the Community Assessment Training to help community members clearly identify ATOD related consequences and effective ways to begin to address these issues. Click the link to find out more

(If you are interested in scheduling a commuity assessment traning please contact us)



Selected Resources

"We've searched the internet for valuable resources and tools so that you don't have to."

See below for downloadable documents


This tool is a great way to begin assessing the availability of alcohol in your neighborhood.
( North Carolina SPF-SIG)
Assess community perception and social norms regarding underage drinking.
(North Carolina SPF-SIG)
Guide and Questions for conducting a focus group with youth.
(North Carolina SPF-SIG)
Brief tool for assessing the level of law enforcement around underage drinking.
(North Carolina SPF-SIG)